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If you need a quick answer on any Antique Chinese or Japanese porcelain you have, welcome to e-mail me directly. To help support this site, kindly donate $20 per item. Just hit the 'PayPal' button (to the left) and I will answer as soon as I can.

A few limitations apply; This service is for antique Chinese or Japanese porcelain. If your porcelain are modern or maybe not even Asian, I might not be able to tell what you have. I also don't know everything; I can't translate Chinese or Japanese cursive texts. Translations of Marks will be given if they are known and I have them in my archive. Some modern seals and cursive script marks can be very difficult to translate. My focus it to - if possible - say "yes" or "no" on authenticity and give a basic identification so you can continue your research in the right direction. If I am uncertain, I will say so and try to send you in the right direction. What I do is not an appraisal and I'd rather not suggest any values on anything I have not handled in person except in very general terms.

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Thank you in advance for your interest and support
Jan-Erik Nilsson

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The more background information - like price and family history - that you can tell about your piece, the more reliable answer I can give you.


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